If you wish to just simply relax, put your feet back and walk on the lovely, white sandy beaches and tropical sun of the Seychelles’ surrounding islands, we have many excursions to offer you.

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Exclusive location
Reach the exclusive beach by boat
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Romantic haven
Enjoying life without a concern in the world
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Experience Nature's
Focusing on enjoying it up close
Bird on Bird Island
Sustainably is important to us, but we will share the experience with you
Land Tortoise
Centenary's Den
Exploring Seychelles' Paradisiac Gems

Travelling to Curieuse to see the giant tortoises of which some are over 150 years old!
If you are quite the bird watcher we recommend visiting Cousin Island Nature Reserve to see the many local species of birds such as, White-tailed Tropic bird, Lesser Frigate bird, Grey Plover, Bridled Tern, Common White Tern, Seychelles Blue-Pigeon and many more!
If you want to see the local and more traditional side of Seychelles why not spend a half/full day on La Digue Island where you can ride on bicycles and meet many friendly people, if you look below you will see the different trips that we have available.

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Full Excursions Package

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Other Trips

With many to choose from you may wish to do only a single trip here is a small list of the excursions we can offer.

  • Curieuse
  • St Pierre
  • Cousin 
  • Coco 
  • Sister 
  • SunSet Cruise
Special Trip - Curieuse/La Digue/Coco -
Head to curieuse in the morning for a couple of hours, then spend the rest of the day on La Digue roaming around and end it off with snorkeling at Coco.

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Big Game Fishing 2

Half Day Fishing

Half day's fishing by trolling and/or bottom fishing for species such as Donito, Dog tooth tuna, yellow fin tuna, dorado, king fish, sail fish & marlin.You can also try jigging, popping and or spinning. You never know what might work for you so you can try it all! Also with regards booking half day fishing, includes lunch on Curieuse Island (BBQ) for 1-2 hrs.We have very experienced crew members on board so that all can be catered to.

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Full Day Fishing

Taking the boat out for a full day you can experience life at sea, you will have a bigger chance at catching more fish than that of half day, we offer a full packed lunch with soft drinks included. And aim to get you that dream fish! All our equipment is supplied such as rods, reels and tackle.

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